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Nels Cline

Wilco, Nels Cline Singers
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"These BilT guitars are sleek and salacious and seem like they come from some glistening retro-futuristic realm. Beautifully made and well conceived, they could spark creativity in a moldy log."

news & updates

Nels Cline Visits BilT Shop

Nels Cline drops by to test drive his New BilT Volare` and talk about all things BilT.

BilT Guitars - Chicago Music Exchange Interview

Tim Thelen and Bill Henss of BilT Guitars give an introduction to each guitar they make.

BilT Joins the Chicago Music Exchange Family

Chicago Music Exchange becomes official BilT Dealer!

BILT Guitars Playing Grammys

For the owners of BILT Guitars in Des Moines, 2013 was a great year, but so far this year is even bigger.

Imagine Dragons Play S.S. Zaftig on 2014 Grammy Awards

Imagine Dragons Wins Best Rock Performance Grammy!

New guitars for Nels Cline!

Fun new builds for Nels, Gun Metal Blue Metallic S.S. Zaftig (with a surprise) and... an El Hombre that got special treatment from Norton Wisdom.

Premiere Guitar Rig Rundown with Nels Cline

Watch Nels go through his gear and talk about a guitar we made for him